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Auger Torque is one of the brands of attachments that Verhoeven is the exclusive importer of in the Netherlands and Belgium. Verhoeven supplies attachments of its own brand VemaTec, but is also importer of other brands, including Auger Torque. We sell these attachments in the Benelux. Visit www.vematec.com to find all Auger Torque attachments and to request a quotation.

The Auger Torque brand comes from the UK and is part of Kinshofer Group. The brand is the global market leader in augers and accessories. We also supply other equipment from Auger Torque, including hedge trimmers and concrete mixers.

Auger Torque has built an excellent reputation for the reliability, durability and performance of its products. They are strongly committed to innovation. Consequently, the most advanced technologies are applied in the development of new attachments.

Auger Torque

Customer-oriented approach

Auger Torque works from a strong vision and always listens to the market. They engage with customers to find out their problems. Based on this, they determine where the areas of concern lie and get to work developing new products or adapting their products.

Through this customer-oriented approach, Auger Torque manages to turn practical ideas into concrete applications. This ensures that their attachments add value: they make work more efficient and easier and increase efficiency.

Why choose Auger Torque?

  • Market leader for augers on excavators
  • Innovative products
  • Extensive quality analyses
  • Proven top quality
  • Durable products

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In the meantime, we have developed from a local to an international player in the field of Earth moving machines, attachments, undercarriages and their service.

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