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For top-quality final drives, you have been turning to Fargo Drives for years. Your machine’s final drives perform hard work, so they probably won’t last the entire life of your machine. When your final drive wears out, you can replace it with an original final drive. However, Fargo Drives offers a smarter solution: an alternative travel drive of the same quality and specifications as the original, but with two key advantages: faster delivery time and a lower price. Our final drives are economically priced, available directly from stock and come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

Order your final drives directly online

When your final drive needs to be replaced, of course you want it fixed as soon as possible. At www.fargo-drives.com, you can directly order replaceable final drives for your machine. We guarantee that the final drives will fit the machine you enter in the search bar.

Simply order a new final drive for your machine and benefit from fast delivery and competitive prices. Do you order a product in stock before 15:00 on a working day? Then we will ship it the same day!

In the Fargo Drives webshop you will find final drives of our own brand, but also of other top brands, such as Doosan or Bonfiglioli. This way, we ensure a wide range so you never have to wait long for a suitable final drive.

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Benefit from 10% discount with two travel drives

If you purchase two travel drives on the Fargo Drives webshop, you get a standard 10% discount. This is because we advise you to always buy two travel drives at the same time. Often when one drive needs to be replaced, the other one is almost due for replacement as well. By replacing both at the same time, you prevent your machine from stalling later because of a worn drive.

Our international brands

In the meantime, we have developed from a local to an international player in the field of Earth moving machines, attachments, undercarriages and their service.

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