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VTS Track Solutions was founded years ago by Verhoeven International. VTS is a specialist in the design, development, production and maintenance of undercarriages and power packs. VTS was created because there was a growing demand for fully operational undercarriages. At VTS, they make sure your ideal excavator can move on tracks. Regardless of the conditions and surface. They supply a fully operational track system for, for example, aerial work platforms, foundation machines, agricultural machines, cranes and many other applications.

Undercarriages and power packs

VTS undercarriages are multifunctional. An undercarriage is constructed for loads from 300 kg to 400,000 kg. There is a choice of rubber tracks, steel tracks, extendable undercarriages and High Speed tracks. There are many different models available per undercarriage, but you can also contact VTS Track Solutions for customised solutions. VTS specialises in undercarriages, which they develop/design in-house for customers and efficiently assemble from standard components and standard modules. As a result, customers are assured of perfectly fitting customisation, competitive prices and short lead times.

Powerpacks are the solution for undercarriages. Powerpacks are used to power undercarriages or other applications. VTS offers electric power packs, electric hydraulic power packs, electric battery power packs and fuel power packs. Each powerpack is built customer-specifically to suit all requirements.

VTS Electric Power System

The demand for electric, emission-free excavators is rising and will eventually become the standard. Electrifying your existing or new excavator can be an expensive, complicated and time-consuming process. To simplify this process, VTS Track Solutions has expanded its product configurator to include the Electric Power System (EPS). This means that from now on we not only offer standard hydraulically powered undercarriages, but also complete electric track mobile solutions. Using our EPS Configurator, you can now work with one of VTS’ colleagues to put together the perfectly fitting undercarriage and equip it with a full electric drive line.webshop.

Our international brands

In the meantime, we have developed from a local to an international player in the field of Earth moving machines, attachments, undercarriages and their service.

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