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Verhoeven International supplies demolition sorting grabs of its own brand VemaTec in the Netherlands and Belgium, but since 2021 we also offer grabs of the Cazo brand. These grabs are made of high quality steel and have a built-in powerful rotator and compact design, resulting in durability and high load/brake capacity. This leads to a more efficient working method.

Cazo offers a wide range of demolition sorting grabs with excellent value for money, and strives to develop a suitable product for every brand and type of excavator. The grabs are equipped with 1, 2 or more hydraulic motors, depending on the size of the grab. They also feature a low build-up height and dust seals at the pivot points to prevent dirt getting in.

Fixed cylinder on all grabs

The “fixed cylinder” principle has been applied to all of Cazo’s grabs, which means that the cylinder of the grab transfers its power to the other shell via a tie rod. This makes the grab more compact and reduces the risk of internal hydraulic leakage.

When you choose Cazo, you benefit from a compact design, powerful rotator, excellent quality and a competitive price.

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Order Cazo’s demolition sorting grabs

At you will find the entire range of Cazo demolition sorting grabs. In the Benelux, you can also request a price for the products directly. Our specialists will then contact you as soon as possible.

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